Webinar — The Disappearing Safety Net

The “safety net” programs our movements fought so hard to establish — social security, health-care, public housing, etc. — have been ravaged and slashed. These attacks expose not only the agenda of attack on elders but the fact that, for many elders, there has never been a safety net. Join a panel of well-known movement activists leading struggles in all these areas for a conversation about the disappearing safety net and what we should do about it.

Saturday, April 15. 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (U.S. Eastern), 12 Noon (Central), 11:00 AM (Mountain), 10:00 AM (West Coast)

Our panel — Sam Anderson, Judy Gonzalez, Marie Kennedy and Teresa Ghilarducci — kicks off a full conversation about the safety net and what we need to do to preserve and expand it.

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