Click here to open the current Radical Elders discussion pad.

The link will open in a new tab, which will contain a Rise-up collaborative editing pad. You can add anything appropriate to the ongoing discussion. The contents of the pad are saved automatically, you never have to click “save” or anything. When you are finished with reading and writing, you can just close the tab, and you will be returned here.

Please don’t delete other people’s writing, although you may insert your own text if you wish, anywhere in the document including at the beginning. Please be thoughtful and respectful, always assume goodwill and try to restrain yourself from provocative, confrontational or domineering language. Normally different contributors’ writing appears in different colors, so it is good manners to put your name in brackets to show who is responsible for your text [like this – DaveB].

I will be managing this part of the radicalelders.net website for now, so send me an email at dave@davebritton.com if you have criticisms, comments or suggestions.

I hope to be able to arrange for automatic creation of new discussion pages by you clicking a button and adding in a title to get a new pad started, but for now you will need to email me to request a new discussion topic pad be added if you want to start a new topic. I also hope to enable you to “subscribe” to discussions, to get notices by text message or email of new updates, but you can come to this page at any time to see the latest writing.