Free Mumia!

On July 3, journalist/activist and Radical Elders member Mumia Abu-Jamal will have been caged by the state for more than 40 years with thirty years spent on Death Row, after a thoroughly corrupt trial and after a demonstrably racist judge misinformed his mainly white jury they could not individually find him not guilty. The majority of these four decades he has been held in solitary confinement, with no hope of parole. Since his unconstitutional death sentence was overturned he has been a victim of multiple government efforts to execute him in prison through neglect and denial of medical care. Through it all, Mumia has maintained a posture of principled outspoken opposition to all oppression and a refusal to buckle under the unspeakable pressure brought against him.

We Radical Elders, an organization whose founding conference was addressed by Mumia, demand that he be immediately freed given the corrupt prosecution and appeal process that sent him to prison and has kept him there. We want Mumia to be present at our next gathering.

We call on all movements for justice and change to join the world, July 3 and demand Mumia’s immediate release.

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