A Win in NYC — for now!

A Manhattan judge temporarily blocked the city Friday from switching all public sector retirees to a privatized healthcare plan.  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank sided with retirees, issuing a temporary restraining order that prevents the city from proceeding with a plan to move the city’s 250,000 retirees to a Medicare Advantage plan managed by Aetna.

Radical Elders oppose NYC from switching NYC public sector retirees to privatized Medicare Advantage  plan.

Radical Elders members have been making calls, writing letters, testifying and participating in  rallies,marches and demos. They include (in alphabetical order) Jose Alfaro, Lizette Colon, David Forbes, Bobby Greenberg, Ana Juarbe, Kathe Karlson, Andrea Lyman, Angel Roman, Barbara Turk, and Blanca Vazquez
NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees :

The organization—along with a number of city unions and retiree groups—are opposing the change and advocating for retirees to maintain their current coverage through original Medicare and city-funded supplemental insurance. We are mobilizing both city retirees and active workers to advocate for maintaining the benefits to which they are entitled and are in the process of preparing legal actions to support this outcome.


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